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Broadening Horizons — Part 1

America has a bigotry problem.             Yes, I realize the phrase “bigotry problem” borders on redundancy, but that’s also a bit too simple. What does prejudice look like? How does it impact people? More importantly, what can we do about … Continue reading

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What’s Your Type?

Does anyone know what to do with their life at 21? Yeah, me neither. But don’t worry friends! Guidance comes from all sorts of places, especially at USG! That’s why I’m here to tell you about the Strong Interest Inventory … Continue reading

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And I said to myself, self…

With many items to handle in your daily lives and deadlines to meet, you often wonder if you are as effective as possible. Continue reading

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Stress: It’s Just Not Worth It!

If you’re starting to feel burnt out and overwhelmed by the coming semester, maybe it’s time for you to take a step back and evaluate what’s on your plate. Continue reading

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Why is it that some of my friends are far better at staying on task? It’s the elusive and mysterious quality we refer to as self-discipline. So how do we get better at it? It takes practice, years of it. Here are a few practices you can start to help you develop your own discipline. Continue reading

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