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Importance of Networking:

Yesterday I attended a Zoom Fireside Q&A chat with special guest Isabel Yanes. Isabel is a freelance Assistant Editor for scripted television based in Los Angeles. She also works as an Animation Artist for various companies. The Q&A was very … Continue reading

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Elle Woods and the Art of Movie-Making

One of the great things about being a communication major at USG is having access to the digital and visual communication classes. They’re interesting classes, and more useful than ever! One of the classes I’m taking this semester is COMM … Continue reading

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Senior Season

Was anyone else under the impression senioritis was only a thing in high school? Well if so, let me be the first to let you know, it is just as real in college!  With classes online and graduation around the … Continue reading

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Welcome to My New Beginning!

Hello everyone! I want to welcome you all to my first blog! It feels so amazing to begin this new chapter of my life! Despite all that is going on, I hope that my blogs can bring some peace and … Continue reading

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Clear your head and enjoy Nature!

Hey everyone, During quarantine besides taking online classes, I have been doing different activities to take my mind off from the stress around me. Here are some footages I captured at Martin Luther King Jr. Recreational Park which is now … Continue reading

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The Final Weeks

I hope everyone is doing alright during this pandemic, with enough food and resources for the remaining duration of the lock down. This is an unprecedented time, and it is absolutely natural to feel anxious and unsure of how to … Continue reading

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Another Round of Exams

It’s unbelievable how already, time has reached this point again. While it is different for every major and department, you may be facing your first, or another round of exams for this semester. There are many tips to help and … Continue reading

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Comfort in the Smallest of Places

How has everyone’s first week back to USG been? Are classes going well for you? If so, wonderful, keep staying strong as you have been. If not, that is perfectly fine too! Make sure to check in with your advisors … Continue reading

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Motivations from Every Corner

Having come this far, means that every student here has a story, a reason, and their own motivations. When studying can become too tiring, what motivates you? How do you keep yourself going? Those can be questions that can be … Continue reading

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New Beginnings!

Last week was full of exciting news at USG. It was the inauguration of new ‘Bio-Science and Engineering (BSE)’ building. Apart from providing various new majors in STEM field the building is one of the most sustainability sourced building of … Continue reading

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