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New Launches

As we are getting closer and closer to graduation, I can’t help but be in more of a reflective state of mind. Our generation, especially the college student population, has subscribed to this notion that every day must be full of new adventures, achievements, etc. As a business student, a business analogy always seems appropriate…. Continue reading

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The year of “No.”

2017 should be the year of “No.” Our culture encourages us to be more efficient and produce more and work harder. In theory, this isn’t a bad thing. But what’s happening is that we’re taking on too many goals and too … Continue reading

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Why is it that some of my friends are far better at staying on task? It’s the elusive and mysterious quality we refer to as self-discipline. So how do we get better at it? It takes practice, years of it. Here are a few practices you can start to help you develop your own discipline. Continue reading

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Welcome Back! Almost

Happy “second day of school”! Needless to say, I’m quite happy with how my last semester of undergrad is going. If school is open tomorrow, that means I’ll only have attended one of my five classes this week. Holla 🙂 … Continue reading

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