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Top Podcast Suggestions

I am a big fan of listening to podcasts. You can get great advice on the go! Listen while you are at the pool, doing the dishes, on a road trip, etc. (great for multi-tasking!). Below are just a few … Continue reading

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Senior Season

Was anyone else under the impression senioritis was only a thing in high school? Well if so, let me be the first to let you know, it is just as real in college!  With classes online and graduation around the … Continue reading

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New Launches

As we are getting closer and closer to graduation, I can’t help but be in more of a reflective state of mind. Our generation, especially the college student population, has subscribed to this notion that every day must be full of new adventures, achievements, etc. As a business student, a business analogy always seems appropriate…. Continue reading

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And I said to myself, self…

With many items to handle in your daily lives and deadlines to meet, you often wonder if you are as effective as possible. Continue reading

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