Thank you and Good Luck!

I cannot believe that next month is May already! Also, since this is my last post, I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you and congratulations to all. For those graduating next month, congratulations on finishing your program! For those who are finishing your first year, you did it! You are half way through your program! We are all at a point of our programs where we should celebrate because we accomplished something. Whether you transferred from a community college or returning to school to obtain your master’s or doctorate degree, we all know that this transition is never easy. Luckily, USG is a well-equip campus and the different student services are dedicated to helping students achieve success. It has been a pleasure being a graduate student blogger for the last two years. I enjoyed sharing some of my stories and tips to help you during your time at USG. I hope you enjoyed my blog posts as much as I enjoyed writing them. Attending my graduate and undergraduate programs at USG was a decision that I am glad that I made. I was able to be part of the USG community and give back to the community at large. Thank you so much for the opportunity to share my experiences as a graduate student at USG.

If you missed any of my blog posts or would like to revisit any of them, below are the links to all of them.

Fall 2017
Mind and Body Wellness
Life of a Graduate Student: Time Management and Organization
Work and Life Balance
Old Habits Die Hard: Procrastination and Tips to Overcome It
Grad School Application
Writing & Study Tips
Career Planning

Spring 2018
Holiday and Winter Break Highlights
Giving Back to the Community
Cultural Tea Time
Spring Break Ideas & ASB
Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week
Benefits of Having a LinkedIn Account
Owl Hours & Study Tips
Attention Soon-to-be Alumni!
Minimalism & Zero Trash Lifestyle Change

Summer 2018
Balancing Act in Grad School
Get Interested in Uninteresting Topics-Reading Strategies 
Welcome, New Students! 
Questions to Ask in Grad School
Garden of Unity and Peace
Event Planning-Wedding Bells

Fall 2018
Welcome Back!
USG Mobile Market
Cultural Awareness via Traveling
Be the Voice – GSA
Writing Tips – Short on Time or Lacking Motivation?
Customized Gifts for the Holidays
Finals Week & GSA Raffle

Spring 2019
Holiday/Winter Break – Vegan Meals
Reflective Thinking
Spread the Love
Goal Setting and Motivation 
Stress Management
Spring 2019 Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week
Overcoming Procrastination

Again, thank you and good luck to all!

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