Welcome New Students!

You must be excited to start your journey here at USG. I know I was! I could vividly remember my orientation day as an undergrad and how thrilled I was to finally start my junior year in college. As the first in my family to attend college in the US, I was not sure what I had to do to become successful in my studies. Luckily, USG provides services to students that help students achieve their academic and career goal. Knowing about the different services helped me navigate my college experience. The Center for Academic Success (CAS) helped me improve my writing and study skills, the Career and Internship Services Center (CISC) helped me explore my career path, the Center for Counseling and Consultation (CCC) guided me in figuring out my career plan, and the Center for Student and Engagement and Financial Resources (CSEF) assisted me in applying for the USG Scholarship. As you can see, all of the departments contributed to my success in undergrad as well as graduate school. Therefore, I highly encourage you to take advantage of the services that they offer. For new students, I provided you some tips on how you can make the most out of your time at USG and what resources are available to you.

Things to do FIRST:

  • Get your USG ID – you will need your USG ID to access any services on campus. If you do not have this, you can go the Student and Academic Services suite and look for the Center for Student Engagement and Financial Resources (CSEF).
  • Download the USG Mobile app – This app is great because you can access all of the information that the USG website has, such as class and campus event schedules. You can download it via Google Play or the App Store.
  • Sign up for campus alerts – I find this useful especially around the winter time because they will let you know if the campus is closed or delayed due to weather conditions.

Below are some of the services that you can take advantage of during your time at USG. I have listed some of the services that they can provide you. I would suggest visiting their websites to learn more about which of their services you may be interested in. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.    


  • Writing Consultation/tutor
  • Academic Coaching (i.e. time management, organization, study tips, test taking)
  • Disability Support Services


  • Financial Aid
  • Scholarships
  • Student Organizations
  • Campus Event (i.e. Cultural Tea Time)


  • Resume Review
  • Mock Interview
  • Internship/Job Searches


  • In-take session
  • Career Counseling
  • Personal Counseling
  • Couple Counseling

Priddy Library

  • Workshop
  • Research Help
  • Snack Shack
  • Study Rooms

Office of Informal Technology (OIT)

  • Computer Log in
  • Wi-Fi Connection
  • Computer Labs
  • General Computer Questions
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