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I hope you had a wonderful Valentines Days weekend. I had a great weekend with my mother and sister. We went to the Boyz 2 Men Concert yesterday at Oxon Hill. For those who were not born in the 90s or not familiar with this group, Boyz 2 Men is a group who sings mostly love songs. Growing up in the Philippines with a teenage sister, I heard songs by Boyz 2 Men, Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, Spice Girls, Aaron Cater, etc. Let us say that Filipinos are huge fans of love songs. My family is no exception. I would say that I come from a musical family because we all love to sing and dance (to some degree). Anywho, I bought the tickets for my sister and my mom’s birthdays last month. I was glad that I bought the tickets because it provided us with an opportunity to spend quality time with each other. Because we are all busy, I always appreciate it when we have the chance to have some time for our selves. The timing of this concert was perfect because it was the valentines day weekend. I was able to give them both a birthday and valentines day gift in one.    

To me, Valentines Day is about spreading love and providing an excuse to give a gift to your loved ones to express how much love and care for them. Speaking of gifts, I love personalizing them because, to me, gifts should be meaningful. I thought I would share some ideas with you in case you are interested for next year’s valentines day since this post was published after valentines day.  

  • 100 questions –  You can write out 100 questions that you and your partner can take turns answering. This is a great activity to do to ask questions that you may not normally ask and get to know your partner more.
  • Special dinner – I love cooking so preparing special dinners is a must. If you do not cook, you can order your partner’s favorite foods as a treat!
  • Heart shaped balloons with your favorite memories portrayed in pictures – This is a great way to reminisce of the great times that you have and tell your partner why you chose the pictures on each balloon.
  • What I love about you heart-shaped sticky note – Yes you read it, it so simple, but so sweet. Write out what you love about your partner and place the sticky notes in a heart shape somewhere where they can see it.

I would definitely suggest going to Pinterest (my favorite) to get more ideas for gifts for other occasions. The idea is that you put thoughts and efforts into your gift because it is not about what you gave them, but it is the love that you put in it. I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any ideas for personalized handmade gifts, please comment below.

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