Owl Hours & Study Tips

Can you believe it? It is the end of April already, which means that final exams are around the corner. Some of you are probably too excited about graduation that it is getting hard to concentrate. Remember, you have to pass you current classes to get your diploma in May. To help you ace those exams, I thought I would share some study tips to get your started in preparing to study (even bit by bit) for finals week.

Below are some study tips for you:

  • Schedule study time – Scheduling study time will help you make a habit of studying even if it is just for 15 or 30 minutes. Before you know it, studying will be an automatic behavior for you.
  • Organization – I would assume that your instructor(s) have already provided you an idea of what will be in the final exam, which is critical to how you organize your notes. By organizing your notes, it will be easier for your brain to organize or connect the information that you are trying to learn. Therefore, it will be easier for you to understand and recall.
    • Here are some ideas on how to organize your notes:
      • Use different Colored Highlighters or pens
      • Create acronyms
      • Use flow charts or diagrams for visual representation of your notes
      • Use flashcards
      • Create a study group where you practice explaining concepts to each other
  • Take Breaks – I highly recommend taking breaks, maybe every 20 minutes, to help your brain remember the information that you are studying. By taking breaks, you do not feel too overwhelmed by the mass number of information. Remember, you have been learning about the different concepts from your classes that your notes are simply there to remind you of what you learned throughout the semester.
  • Ask for Help – If you find yourself lost or do not understand something, ask either your instructor(s) or peers for help. Someone is bound to have a better understanding of the concept who could help explain it to you. I typically put together a list of my questions and ask the instructor directly since he/she would know better.   

For more study tips, please visit my Writing and & Study Tips post.

Need a place to study? Did you know that the Priddy library has late night hours? They are open Sunday-Thursday from 10pm-3am! Remember to bring you student ID with you.

Owl Hours

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