Stress Management

Stress is very common, especially among students. Some have coping mechanisms to help them through stressful times, but often others do not possess this skill. Stress is everywhere, but how you deal with it depends on you. The most common factor that stresses people out is change especially when they are unpleasant, such as financial setback, failing a course, and so forth. Unfortunately, when stress levels are elevated, it could cause physical signs, such as headaches, difficulty sleeping, and difficulty concentrating (WebMD). Prolong stress could also lead to serious health issues like heart-related problems, depression, and high blood pressure. I have seen the impact that stress could have on people especially with my friends and family so I made it my goal to deal with it in a healthy way. In general, people deal with stress differently, but I thought I would share some healthy ways to deal with stress and provide you with some resources.

Dealing with Stress

  • Breathe – when we encounter a stressful situation, the first thing you should do is to stop and breath rather than panic. When you are calm, you can think clearly. Assess the situation and plan the solution.
  • Do something that makes you feel happy – For me, I stress bake and cook when I have a huge assignment that I have to finish. Taking on tasks that give you instant gratification could give you a great feeling. Below are some activities that some of my friends do to de-stress:
    • Play with their pet(s)
    • Play video games
    • Cook
    • Clean
    • Bake
    • Run
    • Bike
    • Listen to music
    • Paint
    • Draw
    • Spend time with friends and/or family

The point with dealing with stress is doing something that you like and give yourself some space to breathe. By doing something that you like to do or giving yourself a break, you allow yourself to have some space to think about solutions to help solve the stressful situation.

Luckily for you, as a student at USG, you have the Center for Counseling and Consultation (CCC). CCC have different programs from individual counseling to group counseling to self-enhancement session to career counseling. I personally recommend the counseling center because they helped me go through some tough times. They very helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. Sometimes you just need someone to provide with you with a different perspective to help you think through somethings.  

Dealing with Stress Sources:
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  1. Great article, stay blessed ❤

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