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I never thought about the importance of being a leader in the community until my last year of undergrad. By being a member of the Student Council, Peer Advisory Team, Psychology Student Association, and Writing Fellow, I learned and realized that I could make a difference and be the voice of those who are voiceless. Honestly, I was anxious and nervous at the beginning because I did not like public speaking and I was very much an introvert. However, my passion for helping students success helped me overcome the challenges that came with my development as a leader. I realized the importance of representing our student body to ensure that we have the voice to make the necessary changes on our behalf as a student body at USG.

As a current graduate student, I realized that graduate students do not have much representation nor have the voice in our campus. For my last semester, I decided to apply to be the Institutional Representative for Towson University and UMCP’s Human Development as well as being the Chair for Marketing and Outreach. USG cares about all students, however, we need to advocate for any changes that we want to happen. I am thrilled to have taken these responsibilities and represent our graduate student population. Give voice to those who are voiceless.

Below are some of our accomplishments since we were established in summer 2017.

  • Moved the start time of student parking at Traville from 5:00pm to 4:30pm
  • Advocated to have a variety of food available at the mini mart  
  • Pushed for a coffee machine in the Mini Mart
  • Established Graduate and Professional Appreciation Week (Spring)
  • Fund raised for the Montgomery County Humane Society
  • Established the Little Free Library at the Meditation Garden as 2018 class gift

If you would like to know more, please visit our website and subscribe to our newsletter. I also encourage you to like our USG Graduate Student Association Facebook page to get updates about any upcoming events.

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