Garden of Unity and Peace

I hope you all are enjoying your summer break. I love the fact that I have free time to relax at home and catch up with family and friends. In addition, since I have my wedding in a few weeks, I NEED the time to make sure everything is ready. Anyway, I am a huge fan of relaxation so I thought I would share about the Garden of Unity and Peace located between building I and II. If you have not seen the space, I would suggest visiting it. The space has a fountain, a book exchange section, a swing, and plenty of seating areas. I love it! If I was not working, I would spend most of my time there. I think that it is the best place to study (or just sit) because of the calm environment as long as it is not humid or raining outside. I like that we have a space like the Garden of Unity and Peace where we can collect our thoughts and relax.

Moreover, having a relaxed and calm mind are important to me especially when life becomes hectic. Having these skills help me become more productive and focus on my goals. I highly believe that if you are able to calm yourself during stressful situations, you are more able to think critically and be resourceful in figure out a solution to your problem(s). This is useful not only in school but also at work. Many of us become overwhelmed with the amount of schoolwork and job work that we start to panic. Next time this happens, remember to breath.

Below, I provided a list of potential activities that you might like to relieve stress.

  • Yoga
  • Working out/sports
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Coloring/painting*
  • Playing with clay*
  • Sleeping
  • Hiking
  • Cooking/baking *
  • Arts & crafts/DIY projects*

*Hands-on activities help relieve stress because they help take you mind off your worries. I love cooking when I am stressed because one, I love food and two, I am doing something with my hands.

Speaking of relaxing, what do you do to relax? Comment below about what helps you relieve stress.


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