Balancing Act in Grad School

During the Memorial Day weekend, my fiancé and I moved into a new place. For those who have had the experience of moving, you know how draining the moving process can be. You have to pack strategically to ensure that none of your stuff breaks in the process and you know exactly where each box will need to go. I am thrilled that our move happened before my summer courses started because it was something that I did not have to worry about anymore. In the moving process, I was both excited and exhausted. I was excited because I was going to be living closer to work and school, but I was physically exhausted since I was the only one organizing our home (for a very good reason). Fortunately, it was a three-day weekend Memorial Day weekend so I was able to take my time to figure out how I want to arrange our new home. After several days of exhausting work, we finally settled in!

Moving reminded me of time management and planning, which I believe are significant skills to acquire in life. I have learned the importance of these skills early in graduate school due to the multiple projects and papers that we had to do each week on top of my work priorities. As a full-time employee, wedding planner (for me), as well as life manager for my soon-to-be husband and I, life can become very hectic especially when social commitments start coming in. My handy planner, Google calendar, white board (yes I have one at home), and daily task sheets have enabled me to be top of everything that is going on in our life. If you do not already have a planner or somewhere where to remind you of everything that you have to do, I would suggest giving a planner or a calendar a try as well as a daily to do list. These will help you prioritize your daily life and remember any important tasks or events that you need to attend to. If you are taking classes at USG this summer and you have spare time, stop by the Center for Academic Success and schedule an academic coaching for time management. I highly recommend setting up this appointment to get some help in organization/time management strategies that best suits you.

Overall, I was very thankful that this move happened before my classes started. Phew! To all my readers, please take the time to plan things out to avoid any unnecessary stress. We are all busy and we have many roles in life; good balancing and planning skills will take you places in life.

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