USG Mobile Market

Due to the convenience of ordering food via your phone or computer, it is easy to forget about we consume on a regular basis. Generally speaking, people often get caught up in the convenience of cheap foods and ease of ordering them in today’s age that we do not think about the nutritional value it may provide our bodies. Personally, I used to consume whatever was cheap, such as frozen premade meals and fast foods, because  I was more concerned about saving money than consuming foods and drinks that would have health benefits. My brothers-in-law are both vegans. Their lifestyles made me think twice about my eating habits and my food sources. Upon learning how to cook and prepare vegan meals (I learned it so that we do not have to order out for them), I started learning about the benefits of having a plant based-diets and importance of knowing where your food comes from. Though I have not converted into veganism, I am more cognizant about what I buy and cook at home. Because I am the primary cook in my house, I started incorporating more veggies and fruits into our meals and limiting the amount of junk food we consume. We also started to go to kickboxing classes on a weekly basis. Due to these changes, I have seen the impact of our diet and exercise changes on our energy and mood.

When I heard about the Mobile Market Mondays at USG, I was super excited! I LOVE that we have access to healthy and seasonal foods without leaving the campus. Also, I like that the foods that you get from the Market Mobile are full-sized! 

Have you heard about the Mobile Market Mondays? Do you like FREE food? For the first time at USG, Mobile Market Mondays had their grand opening on Monday, September 24th. What is the Mobile Market? It is a program supported by the Capital Area Food Bank (CAFB) who provides fresh fruits, veggies, and other delicious foods at no cost to the community. They are a volunteer-run program and will be at USG every 4th Monday of each month at 11am-1pm in lot 5 (between the 4th and 3rd building) starting Fall 2018. To determine when they will be on campus, please visit the USG events page to look for the dates. You can come between those times to get food. No ID needed, but it is a first come first serve. I HIGHLY recommend it! I hope to see you all there for the November Mobile Market Monday!  

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