Life of a Grad Student: Time Management and Organization

As a full-time employee, a graduate student, and a bride to-be planning a wedding, I sometimes cannot help but feel a bit overwhelmed. When I started feeling overly exhausted mentally and physically, I knew I had to figure out strategies that will help me become more productive and organized.

I remembered during my last year in undergrad that I was taking 12-15 credits, working around 20 hours a week, applying to graduate school, and actively involved in the Students Council as Chair of Events and Initiatives, Peer Advisory Team, and the Psychology Student Association. How was I able to do everything? It was time management and organization. With my new found realization, I had to take action to ensure that I not only survive my program but also become successful.

 Time Management and Organization

Time management means prioritizing your responsibilities. I compiled some strategies  that I think work well. Below, I provided some examples of  what you can use.


  • Use a planner and/or a calendar

I do not know what I will do without my planner. I will be literally lost without it because I will not know what I have to do. I started using both my physical planner as well as the Google Calendar. I love both because it helps me see what I have to do every day.


  • 24-hour Sheet

The 24-hour sheet is extremely useful when you start to plan what you have to do. I typically use this sheet to help me see the gaps where I can schedule in my study/homework time. This way, if schedule my study time, I will not feel like I have to spend the whole day studying rather than having two-hour blocks of study time every day.


  • To-do List

For those who knows me well, I ALWAYS have a to do list with me. This helps me list what I need to do for the day and prioritize what needs to be do3ne first. I use this at work and in my personal life at a daily basis. At work, I have a weekly to do list where I list what needs to be done at which day. At home, I list my errands in my notepad so I can remember what to do.

If you feel overwhelmed, ALWAYS start with a 24-hour sheet to help you see exactly how you use your time during the week. This will bring everything in perspective and make you realize that you have time to do everything. I also created Kim’s Organize Me website where you can find more ideas on how to stay organized.

Did you know that the Center for Academic Success (CAS) offer academic coaching? They offer the following services to help you become successful during your time at USG.

  • Time management
  • Organization
  • Motivation
  • Test-taking and preparation
  • General study skills
  • Reading
  • Stress management
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