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Opportunity Is What Happens While You’re Busy Studying

Well, that title is a little wordy. Basically, earning a degree and working a full time job can bear a heavy load on anyone. Some full-time students even work more than one job to support themselves and thinking about the … Continue reading

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‘Tis the Season…to apply for internships!

It can get overwhelming sitting in classes learning about theories and ideas, wondering what career you want to pursue. Internships provide hands-on experience applying the things you learn in class to work being done in the real world. Continue reading

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Career Counseling #ForTheWin

One absolutely incredible (and did I mentionĀ free!!!) service available to any student taking classes at the Universities at Shady Grove is career counseling, a set of two or more conferences with a professional on-campus psychologist designed to help you find … Continue reading

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#Winning at Job Fairs

On October 11, USG is having an on-campus job and internship fair for humanities and social science careers. This is an awesome chance to find out about potential jobs in your field of study and talk to people who work … Continue reading

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Welcome 2 USG!

Hi guys! Welcome to USG! I know it must be tough adjusting back to school after a long, exciting summer! But that doesn’t mean you cannot do it! For new or returning students, you might have forgotten about the services … Continue reading

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Volunteering (Posted on behalf of Zoha)

As a pre-medical student, one aspect that pre-medical advisors encourage students to have on their application is volunteer experience. This includes volunteer experience in a clinical setting but also volunteer experiences in other settings. Volunteer experience is valuable for not … Continue reading

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