Four it’s a Jolly Good Building

Continuing my guide to USG, it’s time to tour the other most versatile building on campus. That would be the Biomedical Sciences and Engineering building, otherwise known as Building 4 or, most commonly, the BSE.

The entrance of a stone and metal building.
Image Text: Biomedical Sciences and Engineering

The classes in the BSE are a bit more major specific than those in Building 3. As the name implies, the BSE hosts a majority of the STEM majors at USG, including Exercise Science and the UMB dental school. (The primary exception to this would be the nursing program, for which Building 1 is the domain.) However, there are several services and amenities that everyone should know about.

Let’s start with the aforementioned dental hygiene program. Yes, they take clients! In fact, the first elevator in the BSE goes directly to the dental school. Don’t worry; I was guided around by a staff member during my fact-finding mission, and he assured me that the dental students have to prove themselves very skilled before anyone will let them near another person’s mouth.

Anyway, back to the tour. Across from the dental elevator, you’ll find security, and the atrium is just past that. The atrium is a great place to talk about the study spaces that are all over the BSE. They’re these squishy green chairs huddled around tables and they’re perfect for hanging out and getting work done. Oh yeah, and they’re everywhere. There’s at least a couple on every floor of the building.

The BSE is also home to the Center for Academic Success and the Career and Internship Services Center. Conveniently, they’re right next to each other, so they should be easy to find. They’re both on the first floor, just around the atrium.

The Center for Counseling and Consultation is on the third floor. It’s tucked in a weird spot, but if you know the map, you can find it. Exit the elevator, turn left, and head down the hall.

You may have noticed that I’m only giving brief descriptions of where these various amenities are. This is where the most useful aspect of the BSE comes in. Take a look at this video:

A brief video demonstrating how the interactive maps in the BSE work.

You are looking at an electronic, interactive map. If you remember nothing else from this blog post, remember this: there are several interactive maps in the BSE. They’re simple to use and awesome: just make selections on the touchscreen. When you choose your destination, a dotted, red line will guide you from where you’re standing to where you wish to end up. Easy-peasy!

I’ll leave you with that, then. If you want to learn more about the BSE’s services and environmental impact, visit the USG website. And, if you’d like to learn more about traversing campus, check out my past blog posts on navigating from building to building and on the ins and outs of Building 3.

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  2. Steve Simon says:

    Laura, so appreciate your campus tour tips for our students! And hope that “staff member” was helpful as you captured your own notes for these great tours. See you on campus soon! 🙂

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