Opportunity Is What Happens While You’re Busy Studying

Well, that title is a little wordy. Basically, earning a degree and working a full time job can bear a heavy load on anyone. Some full-time students even work more than one job to support themselves and thinking about the future tends to take a back seat to the business at hand. With mid-terms approaching, students aren’t jumping at the chance to take their career to the next level. On the other hand, I tend to get anxious and think I’m missing out on an opportunity.

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Managing your career should be on your list of priorities along with earning a degree and working in school. You want all this hard work to count towards something, don’t you? With resources like Career4Terps and USG Career Connector, it’s no wonder that more than 90% of University of Maryland graduates found a job that directly correlated with their program of study. The company connections that are available to any student at the university at shady grove are a priceless resource.

Employers are always looking for potential in students who are ready and willing to take their career to the next level. Company’s often host events to inform them on what their employers are looking for in new recruits. WIP_DMBC_974x570If you want to learn how to improve your online presence as a potential recruit at a digital media agency, the Digital Media Bootcamp events might be for you. The three sessions are taking place after midterms on October 25, November 1 and November 8 at the College Park campus. You’ll hear from branding & development specialists on how to build an online portfolio that employer’s will be interested in. Business startups will also be presenting about the strategic impact social media has had on their company. This event is just an example of a good way to get acquainted with Careers4Terps and the resources it has to offer.






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