Failed Internship Applications

The amount of internships I have applied for and either been ignored or rejected is comical. I have felt like I am not worthy of those internships and that there is always someone better. Well though there may be someone who can be more qualified, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive to make changes to get you accepted. You are worthy, and all you may need is assistance as I did.

An internship is an excellent opportunity to make connections and boost your resume, but if you have been rejected, don’t let it get to you. Just keep applying and soon you’ll find yourself in an even better position.

As a pre-med student, a clinical opportunity is critical and I have lost track of my failed applications.

But what have I done to make myself a better applicant?

  1. The first step is to never give up!
    • Though it’s obvious, it’s also easy to forget that there are so many other opportunities out there waiting for you, keep your head up and keep looking!
  2. If the application asks for a cover letter make sure it is strong and expresses your passions
    • I’ve realized how important it is to have an updated cover letter. While comparing my past cover letter with my current one, it is clearer why my application was simply brushed over.
    • If you need assistance we have a great resource at USG at the Career and Internship Services Center, where they offer cover letters and other career support!
  3. Prepare appropriately for any interviews
    • An interview may sound easy, but with the questions they may ask, it is easy to get tripped up, nervous, or seem unprepared which, is a great way to get disqualified though you made it that far.
    • The Career and Internship Services Center also offers mock interviews and techniques to help as well.
  4. Confidence
    • The places you apply love to hear from confident individuals and I learned (the hard way) that being as confident and calm as you can be, no matter how nervous you are, can take you farther than the rest.
    • If you earn an interview always be confident and prepare with possible interview questions.

(I asked for help through ACES and if you are an ACES student don’t forget we have our coaches!! If you are not an ACES student there are still so many resources at USG!)

So don’t be afraid to ask for help and figure out what your weaknesses are, because chances are, you are an excellent student who just needs the proper guidance and support to properly express your passions through your applications and interviews. 

I finally have what ill do during my gap year with the best internships someone could ask for, so what are you waiting for, and get on that path too!

Source: Cageideas
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