Welcome 2 USG!


USG Building 3

Hi guys! Welcome to USG!

I know it must be tough adjusting back to school after a long, exciting summer! But that doesn’t mean you cannot do it!

For new or returning students, you might have forgotten about the services that the Universities at Shady Grove offer. I want to talk about the different SAS services, that can help you with your academic and professional goals.

The SAS suite provides services to help students! They can help you with financial aid, resume writing, finding internships, the list goes on.

SAS has different sections of services, divided up by the types of services:

  • Center for Academic Success (CAS) – This center helps students with their academics. They can help you with writing assignments, essays, proofreading your work and anything that involves student homework
  • Office of Student Services (OSS) – This center offers a variety of assistance, including financial aid, admissions, ID cards, and anything involving student life (I work as an office assistant for OSS, so feel free to stop by and say hi!)
  • Center for Counseling and Consultation (CCC) –  Last but not least, the CCC offers free counseling to students and faculty. They offer individual or group counseling, and help out students with stress, anxiety and emotional issues.

Now that you guys have a more understanding of the services provided by USG, take advantage of them! Hopefully these services will help you achieve your academic and professional goals!

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