New Launches

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As we are getting closer and closer to graduation, I can’t help but be in more of a reflective state of mind. Our generation, especially the college student population, has subscribed to this notion that every day must be full of new adventures, achievements, etc.

As a business student, a business analogy always seems appropriate.

When we think of an incredibly large and profitable company like Apple, we think about how it is exciting when Apple launches a new release. It becomes big news. It draws attention. It’s exciting because it is a new achievement. But these launches don’t happen every day. We have to consider the fact that the other days are used to build up to that new launch. Similarly, every day does not have to be a grand day. Apple continues to have successful launches due to the countless days of silent progress. That should be the same way we as students think.

We can celebrate the big victories, but it is equally important to also celebrate the small amounts of progress every day leading up to that victory. It can seem daunting, as we tend to overwhelm ourselves by thinking of the big goal. Small progress, and slow progress, is still progress that is going towards becoming a better individual.

It’s the beginning of April, which also means it’s nearing the end of the semester. For some, such as myself, this is the last semester of our undergraduate career. For others, it could very well be the first semester of the undergraduate journey. Regardless of which point we are at, here is one small piece of advice to get through these last few weeks:

Just take it one class at a time – one chapter at a time – one concept at a time!

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