New Chapters and Habits

August has always felt more like a new start than January. August brings the new school year and a new chapter. As I begin graduate school in just two weeks this new chapter has been anxiety-provoking, to say the least. As much as I am excited to be where I dreamed of getting to I feel an immense amount of nervous feelings. One thing that has eased the not-so-pleasant feelings is preparing for the semester. 

Preparation has been shopping for school supplies which has anyone noticed the further you get in school you need fewer items? Preparation has also included the great joy of clothes shopping. Which has also changed as we progressed through school. Five years ago I wanted Ugg boots for back to school and now I have to get slacks and heels because I have internships. One big preparation that has felt more like work than fun is getting back into a routine. Learning to not sleep past noon and lay in bed until the last minute before work. Learning to eat three meals a day again and start planning lunches. Learning to get back into using my calendars and planners and keep up on my laundry and cleaning schedules. 

As much as I have been working to get back into habits, I’ve been trying to make some changes as well. My senior year of undergrad was the most amazing but also hectic time. I accomplished so many things but great mental health was not one of them. I was overworking myself and it led to a huge burnout. I want graduate school to be different. I want to finish graduate school with accomplishments of not only awards and achievements but also accomplishing a happy mental state. In preparation to reach this goal, I’ve been making sure to spend more of my free time on myself. Using my free time to practice self-love through all of the love languages and doing things my body and mental need. 

My next and last blog post will be about two weeks after I have begun grad school. I look forward to letting you all know how all this preparation has done for me!

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