The Library: a Priddy Nice Place to Visit

Now that some of us have in-person classes again, we also have an in-person library. Some of you may be familiar with Priddy library protocols, but others may not, so let’s have a quick crash course in what Priddy Library has to offer.

What do you need to access the library?

Masks are required in the library. You also need a USG ID to get in. Due to COVID-19, the USG library will not be open to the whole, non-USG community in fall 2021.

That said, if you attend classes on your university’s home campus and just need to make a return, you’re welcome to use the library book drop just outside the building. Home campus community members are also welcome to schedule a curbside pickup.

An open space full of tables, chairs, and students of all races and genders.
The Priddy Library Core Area, complete with people. Photo credit: DiscoverUSG

How loud is the library?

It depends. Priddy Library is divided into several sections, and you can pick where you want to work based on what type of study environment works best for you. The list goes like this:

  • Col-Lab: suitable for partner projects. Heads up! At the time of this post, the col-lab is closed.
  • Core Area: the main section of the library, suitable for group work or people who need background noise to think.
  • Study Rooms: private cubicles for group projects. Once fall semester starts, you’ll need to reserve one of these rooms in advance. This is the space to work on a group project when you crave privacy and quiet.
  • Quiet Area: suitable for individual work. Please keep voices to a whisper here. The Quiet Area is separated from the rest of the library by white noise machines, but there may be some residual noise anyway because Priddy Library is small.
  • Silent Study Room: this one is self-explanatory.
  • Reading Area: suitable for individual work, but that’s mostly because of how the tables are arranged. This section of the library uses similar tables to the Library of Congress.
  • Garden Lounge: suitable for group work. You’ll recognize this section because it’s chock full of plants.
  • Study Gallery: suitable for individual work. If you need to use an iMac, get to this section early.

Who can answer my questions?

The student assistants can help with basic answers. For more detailed questions, find the subject guides online or ask a friendly librarian. If you need to learn something specific (like PowerPoint or time management), check out the library workshops. Everyone in Priddy Library is happy to help as best they can, and if someone who doesn’t know the answer, they’ll be happy to find someone who does.

How can I contact the library?

Head to the Priddy Library website, where you can find hours and the online chat service. When the library is open, you can also call (301) 738-6020.

To learn more, check out the library website. There, you’ll find more useful information than I could possibly cover here. Enjoy, and best wishes for fall!

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