Happy Winter Break

I can’t decide if I feel as if this semester felt longer or shorter? Either way, it was a tough semester! I have been ready for winter break to begin since midterms, who’s with me? I’m personally going to use this winter break to refresh. Some serious self-care is instore this winter break. Let’s look at some different forms of self-care!

Physical: This form of self-care is where we take care of our bodies. This can be practiced in many ways such as eating well, exercising, and getting enough sleep. This winter break I will be practicing physical self-care by having a healthy sleep routine. I will be working on my sleep hygiene majorly!

Emotional: This form of self-care is where we recognize our feelings and cope with them in healthy ways. This can be practiced by journaling, learning to express how we feel in healthy ways, and recognizing what we can be grateful for. I am planning to practice this by picking one thing I am grateful for each day and writing it in my planner each day. This worked well for me in the past, and I sadly broke the routine. I am excited to get back into it!

Intellectual: This form of self-care is where we expand our knowledge and intelligence. This form of self-care is also about having a positive mindset. This may be practiced by reading, finding new hobbies, or learning new things. I plan to practice this form of self-care by reading books related to my future career and creating New Year resolutions that will help me grow intellectually. This can also be practiced by attending USG events such as De-Stress Week which kicks off today!

Photo by Nong Vang on Unsplash

Social: This form of self-care is where we manage our social relationships. This type of self-care will look different for different people. This form is where we manage our social boundaries, ensure we have good support systems, and are using social media positively and healthily. For my workaholics, this form of self-care gets pushed to the side severely. We don’t get to see our friends as much as we like, but making time for friends is important so we don’t feel burnout. I will be practicing this form of self-care by spending more time with my friends and family. This is most likely the form of self-care I am most excited to work on!

Self-care should always be a continuous practice but it’s easy to think that because we are busy we should sacrifice it. Although it was a tough semester I’m thankful I didn’t completely sacrifice my self-care. I made it to the end without burning out. I’m sure it wasn’t easy for any of us, but we made it everyone! Comment how you’ll be spending your winter break 🙂

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