What to watch over winter break?

At this point we are amidst the chaotic time in the fall semester with finals, research papers and group projects – these past couple weeks have felt nonstop just go, go, go. As we wrap up the semester, we are already planning for the spring semester; signing up for courses, internships, etc. The spring semester means jumping into new classes, routines, schedules or even graduating for some!

BUT before then we have a bit of a break. I am definitely looking forward for winter break to reset and take a breather before taking on the spring semester. I’ve compiled a few of shows, movies and documentaries to get into over break – to relax, unwind and take a mental break from classes. Most aren’t holiday themed just shows, movies and documentaries I’ve enjoyed throughout the year!

Schitt’s Creek – This is definitely a good laugh! The storyline is based in a small town called Schitts Creek, where the once wealthy Rose family ends up. They are forced to leave their high maintenance lives in NYC and rebuild their lives in a small town. If you haven’t already watched it… its a quick watch, lighthearted and humorous!

Schitts Creek cast

The Queens Gambit – This is a must watch whether you are into chess or not. Its a story about a young orphan girl who discovers her intense love of the game of chess. Beth Harmon, a young chess prodigy, plays the lead role of the series. Through the course of the show we follow Beth’s journey of becoming the world’s greatest chess player while struggling with past trauma, emotional problems and unhealthy dependencies.

Behind the Scenes of creating The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix

The Social Dilemma – This is a 2020 American documentary. It examines the serious issues of social media and the effects on mental health. Its definitely worth watching and will definitely have you reflecting on your own online and social media habits. The documentary goes into themes surrounding social media addiction, depression, fake news and the effects of the algorithms. What I liked about the documentary was that we get the perspectives of individuals who previously worked at big tech companies (like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc). The individuals didn’t realize the impact of social media and the negative impacts it would have on the world. The documentary explores the dark side of social media and how these big tech companies control and monitor the information we are being fed.

The Social Dilemma – Official Trailer

Holidate & Happiest Season – If you’re in the mood for a christmasy romcom… These are a couple chick flicks I’ve watched to get in the holiday season mood!

Holidate – Its about a women (Kristen Stuart) who plans to propose to her girlfriend at her girlfriends families annual holiday party. Little does she know her partner hasn’t come out to her conservative family yet.

Happiest Season – Another romcom! Its a about two strangers who make an agreement to be each others platonic plus-one for holiday parties and festivities throughout the year – until they both start to catch feelings…

Best of luck to everyone on their end of semester finals, projects and research papers! I hope everyone enjoys their winter break and takes some time to relax and reset for next semester. If you have any show, movie or documentary recommendations please comment them below 🙂

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  1. Steve says:

    All great recommendations!

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