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According to the American Physical Therapy Association, or APTA, the vision statement for the profession of physical therapy is to, “Transform society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience.” There is one physical therapy organization which has made this vision a reality and strives to go beyond—located right in our backyard here in Montgomery County, MD. Welcome to the world of Rehab 2 Perform, a cutting-edge physical therapy company that is currently changing the game with a creative approach to pain management and sports performance.

Combining a blend of physical therapy, sports rehabilitation, and strength and conditioning principles, Rehab 2 Perform strives to set a new standard. The team works with a variety of patients, ranging from active youth and professional athletes to recreational enthusiasts and weekend warriors. Four years ago, Dr. Josh Funk founded the first Rehab 2 Perform location in Frederick, Maryland and last year, a second facility opened their doors in Germantown. Looking ahead, Rehab 2 Perform plans to expand their services to another new location in Montgomery County on the horizon.


Photo: Rehab 2 Perform

At Rehab 2 Perform, patients are given a comprehensive consultation and evaluation on an individualized basis. Featuring six physical therapists on staff, there are a variety of traditional physical therapy techniques used, such as foam rolling, massage, and stretching. The team also offers specialty knowledge with manual therapies like dry needling, cupping, and instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization.

In terms of sports rehabilitation, the facility focuses on getting the athlete back to peak condition. In addition to physical therapy, many of the physical therapists on staff are also Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS) through the NSCA. The team has a strong background in working with athletes from numerous different sports, with a fundamental goal of helping to improve movement and performance.


Photo: Matt Cornell of Rehab 2 Perform

Recently, I had a chance to step away from my textbooks for a few minutes, and I met with Matt Cornell, the Marketing and Operations Manager for Rehab 2 Perform. Mr. Cornell explained more about the history of Rehab 2 Perform, including the company’s overall mission. With Rehab 2 Perform, the team is focused on bringing out the best in each individual—whether that means improving activities of daily living, or reducing the risk of re-injury after surgery—and working towards bringing each person to their maximum potential.


Photo: Rehab 2 Perform

Next week, Rehab 2 Perform is preparing to host their upcoming Fall Seminar. On Saturday November 10th, members of the Rehab 2 Perform team will share more about the R2P principles and foundations. The seminar will focus on two case studies, including ACL and Hamstring tendinopathy, and the physical therapists will help explain their methodology.
Not only is this seminar a valuable experience for those interested in the field of physical therapy, other health and wellness professionals could benefit from this opportunity for professional development. Chiropractors, personal trainers, coaches and more are welcome to attend. Certified professionals can also earn up for 8 continuing education units (CEUs) through a variety of certifications, such as ACSM, APTA, NASM and NSCA. All tickets can be purchased directly through Eventbrite, and there are student discounts available for those interested.


Thank you Rehab 2 Perform!

Using a strong foundation based on evidence-based scientific research, in combination with sports performance, Rehab 2 Perform offers a progressive approach to rehabilitation. It was an honor to take a tour of the facility, and I certainly look forward to learning more from this incredible team at the upcoming seminar. For more information, please visit the Rehab 2 Perform website below.

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Written by Jade Esmeralda

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