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A secret project in the works

If you attended USG last semester you may recall a certain music video circulating in preparation for the Winterfest Bazaar. There may or may not be a similar project currently under construction for an upcoming USG event – keep your … Continue reading

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USG Got Talent 2019

The USG Got Talent show will be on April 3rd from 5-7PM in building II’s multi-purpose room. There will be food, there will be music, and there will be more food – seriously, they bring too much please come help … Continue reading

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Fundamental self-care during university education

Diet, exercise, and sleep. Continue reading

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Having a productive Spring Break

In 21 days, it will be Spring. Yes, Spring – the wonderful time of year when pollen and bugs fill the air. In roughly the same amount of time, it will be Spring Break. USG demands a lot of its … Continue reading

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A brief list of tips for school laptop usage/preparation

Congratulations – you’ve just acquired a laptop to use for your studies. You may have bought it at a store like Microcenter or Best Buy, you may have gotten it as a hand-me-down from a sibling, or you might have … Continue reading

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Is the holiday season truly the most wonderful time of the year?

Trick question: it is what we make of it. If you want it to be wonderful, you have some say in making it so. For just a few short weeks you’re on break from being a member of USG’s student/faculty … Continue reading

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An interview with John Brandt about Safety & Security @ USG

“And then his blood tests came back – alcohol, PCP, cocaine, and marijuana. Basically, because the PCP was in him…probably broke his collarbone going over the handlebars. Never even knew it. But later when the PCP wore off…” Continue reading

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Computer glitches – be both reactive and proactive

Computers have a delightful tendency to screw up the moment we need them most, and this past Sunday while working on a group project I experienced this firsthand. Microsoft Word is a delightfully functional program, but it isn’t perfect. While … Continue reading

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What is objective based gaming, and why is it a great model for achieving goals in real life?

I don’t know what you’re thinking, but I can guess – gaming, the same thing that drives people to stay up all night shouting expletives in foreign languages into their headsets, being relevant to productivity? Sounds ridiculous. Well, it is … Continue reading

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The Brilliance of Worm|A Complete Web Serial

Image sourced from Google. In the world of fiction, no matter the medium, there are tropes – motifs, cliches, that transcend individual works. In fact, there is a website devoted to the study and categorization of these tropes and their … Continue reading

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