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Time Management

Studying for any major is tough work, but I congratulate all of you for making it this far! I have always been pretty studious, but I’ve also had a bad habit of keeping everything in order, especially when I take … Continue reading

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Senior Season

Was anyone else under the impression senioritis was only a thing in high school? Well if so, let me be the first to let you know, it is just as real in college!  With classes online and graduation around the … Continue reading

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Like many of you, my wife and I lead an incredibly busy life. I am balancing a full-time job with being a full-time student. If that isn’t enough, My wife and I have an active social life, we make time for fitness, and we each have part time work that fills in the rest of our calendar. With so much on our plate we are also habitual procrastinators. We will show up late to your party, and we will wait until the last minute to finish any task. So, how do we battle that urge to procrastinate? We have a couple of tricks. Here’s a quick rundown of the three that work the best for us. Continue reading

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