Time Management

Studying for any major is tough work, but I congratulate all of you for making it this far!

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I have always been pretty studious, but I’ve also had a bad habit of keeping everything in order, especially when I take too much “me” time.

After years of studying, I realized how CRUCIAL it is to maintain a proper schedule and an updated calendar of events for class deadlines, exams, and personal matters. I am probably not the only one who has had issues with late-night studying or mismanaging time and it’s a hard habit to break.

Studying and cramming constantly may work for some, but the pressure and stress can take a toll on our physical and mental health.

Luckily one of our student services, the Macklin Center for Academic Success (MCAS), provides an excellent resource!

The MCAS, and I quote, “empowers undergraduate and graduate students to develop effective learning strategies…”

So why not grab a little bit of empowerment and take advantage of this service, found in the BSE Building 1st Floor, Suite 1322, and become successful students!

Let’s begin by using one of their handy worksheets for managing our time.

This sheet is the 24-hour scheduler. It’s a useful little sheet that can give you a broader sense of what to do every hour. Of course, meals and personal time SHOULD be scheduled!

Let’s take a look at the sheet, shall we?

This sheet is marked from 4 am – 3 am Monday through Sunday, of course, most of these times are for sleep (lets keep those 8 hours PLEASE) and much needed breaks. Though the schedule might not be followed to a T, it is still helpful to remember the start of a study session and when to stop to take a break.

So give it a try and fill in the sheet as you deem necessary, and let’s start some good habits and have a successful year!

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  1. Steve Simon says:

    Great service you’re providing for all students, Astrid! Nice job.

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