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A Picture is Worth…

…to be honest, it is worth giving me more time to study. Since we are all in the throes of studying for one of the last pushes of the semester, I thought I would treat you all with some photos … Continue reading

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Extra Degree of Difficulty

Being in nursing school has been a challenge for me. It can be hard to grasp the vast amount of medical information we need to know in this program. But can you imagine doing the same if English was not … Continue reading

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Are You Man Enough?

If you think of a woman when you hear the word “nurse”, you’re not alone. It is true that nursing has been a predominantly female profession since way back in the days of Florence Nightingale. (True or False: Louisa Parsons, … Continue reading

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Nurses in the (USG) House

I had something else in mind to write about for my first post, but changed course when a few of my fellow bloggers did not know there was a nursing school on our campus. What? How can this be? The … Continue reading

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Why Nursing? (Posted on behalf of Rachel Safferman)

Why Nursing? Ah, the million dollar question. Short in length, yet rich in complexity. I find that my answer to this question is constantly evolving and maturing as I gain more confidence, experience, and knowledge. It all goes back to … Continue reading

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