A Picture is Worth…

…to be honest, it is worth giving me more time to study. Since we are all in the throes of studying for one of the last pushes of the semester, I thought I would treat you all with some photos of what “hitting the books” really looks like around the USG campus along with some tips for succeeding and still keeping your sanity. And black & white makes everything look so much more glamorous, don’t you think? And thanks to my nursing school peeps who shared their studying secrets. Enjoy!


Set up a study area that is organized and quiet, like at the Priddy Library at USG…late at night. Shhh…


Effective studying means being comfy…and having copious amounts of snacks.

23633226_10154373556757609_1706863927_o 2

Even the wee ones can help you study. Yes, I know that’s a stretch, but he’s so darn cute!


Remind yourself how you will get to relax over the holiday break. This mermaid reminds the author of this blog that she will be in Florida for Christmas…after she finishes learning about brain surgery, of course.

23600703_840561856117248_1568128417_o 2

A hot beverage and school spirit. It’s a winning combination!

23715130_10155646077055250_1693927198_o 2

Disarray is a sign of genius, I think…


I could either study or tuck myself in…Hmmm….


It’s risky to stay this toasty warm as you might just doze off, but the fashion statement is totally worth it.


And all work and no play…you know the rest. Love the ping pong tables in Building III!

Cheers to the hours (and hours, and hours, and hours) that students at USG commit to studying to reach their next big goal. Because that’s why we’re here, right? Make it happen, USG!

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