Having a productive Spring Break

In 21 days, it will be Spring. Yes, Spring – the wonderful time of year when pollen and bugs fill the air.

In roughly the same amount of time, it will be Spring Break.

USG demands a lot of its students – and breaks can be a welcome respite from the day-in day-out studying. Although the temptation to fuse with your couch cushions and watch Netflix for nine days might be nearly all-consuming, please take my advice – take the break as an opportunity to get organized. We’re just about halfway through til summer – use at least some of the break to prepare for a strong finish.

If you don’t have a calendar (online or physical) make one. If your backpack is full of loose papers, put them in folders. If your car needs to get an oil change, get it taken care of. If you’re putting some logistical thing off in order to focus purely on school – take the opportunity you have away from school to get it done.

Summer is almost here – soon the cold bite of winter will melt away, and sunshine will take its place.

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