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Awkward Pauses During Interviews

We all have those awkward pauses during interviews. After you’ve asked a question and your interviewee finishes answering, does your mind go blank on how to respond to them? I’ve often found myself in embarrassing situations where I constantly looked … Continue reading

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Getting Out of a Reading Slump

Whether you want to read the latest fictional novel released by your favorite author or finally go through the pile of recommendations your friend gave you, a reading slump can hit at any time. Some of you might’ve never even … Continue reading

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The Path to Having a Great Resume 

Thinking back on it now, the first draft of my resume was probably not the best. I cringe at the fact that I sent my unpolished, amateur resume to a bunch of colleges and internships. But over the past years … Continue reading

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How To Cope During COVID-19

Now that our institutions are physically closed due to the national emergency of the corona-virus pandemic, now more than ever, college student are asked to adjust to new living situations. This situation for anyone is not ideal. What should one … Continue reading

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A brief list of tips for school laptop usage/preparation

Congratulations – you’ve just acquired a laptop to use for your studies. You may have bought it at a store like Microcenter or Best Buy, you may have gotten it as a hand-me-down from a sibling, or you might have … Continue reading

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