Two Minute Stress Relievers


In the midst of finals, exams, big tests and seemingly zero time for sleep or TV shows, it is so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of endless doing. Sometimes we have to just give ourselves two minutes- and not a joke two minute Facebook scroll- but a nice, present, two minute self-intervention.

Here are some yummy ideas (mostly yogi-style stress hacks):

-Light a candle, close your eyes, say three things you are grateful for

-Lie on your back, legs up the wall, one hand on heart the other on belly. Breathe deep for 2+ minutes

-Need energy? Do a handstand against the wall and get some blood rushing back to your brain

-Make a warm cup of tea with lemon and ginger (and honey of’ course!) Take time to let the tea steep and watch it change color

-Run your shower warm and wet your hair if you do not have time for a shower. The water bursts your mood and gives you a rush of clean energy for the next round of studying

-Put on fuzzy socks, get a blanket and relocate to a new study space. Find it, settle, take two breaths. You got it.

-Turn on your favorite work-out song and hold a plank for 1+ minute, then downward dog and breathe for 5 breaths

-Eat a chocolate while drinking black coffee and listening to a Bossa Nova song

-Close your eyes and massage your scalp. do it.

-Go outside and take 5 nice big belly breaths




**more stress relief can be found by looking up “babies doing yoga” on google and scrolling through endless cuteness such as the photo above^

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