Remembering Yesi

I want to dedicate today’s blog to Yesewlek Tizale.

Yesi passed away on November 30th, 2015.

Yesi was a recent graduate from the Public Health Science program at the Universities at Shady Grove. She was also a great student, a wonderful friend, and a loving daughter, sister, niece, and aunt of many people.

It’s caused a shock and heart break for the recent graduates, faculty members, and current students who knew her. We all remember her as the enthusiastic, caring, joyful, and strong woman that she is. She has impacted our lives in one way or another, and we will continue to remember her fondly.

The Public Health Science program, current students, alumni, faculty, and staff were able to raise almost $1700 in a matter of 24 hours through Go Fund Me. We cannot alleviate the pain Yesi’s family and loved ones must be feeling, but we hope that our contributions, friendship, sympathy, and heartfelt condolences will bring them comfort.

I interviewed Yesi earlier this year for the USG Public Health Connection Newsletter. She sent me this picture as well as shared a very inspiring and touching story with me.


Yesi volunteered at the SOS’s Children Villages in Ethiopia


“My favorite part of volunteering with SOS in Ethiopia actually occurred on the second week. 10 kids were receiving their medical result for HIV test. That day was a big day; in other words, they all tested negative and I was part of their celebration. Kids welcomed me with flowers, kissed me on the cheeks and thanked me in their language (Amharic); it was an amazing experience. The kids taught me how to dance and told me their story. They asked me if I want to play, teach, eat and be their big sister. I  always knew that this was the kind of thing that I  wanted to do for the rest of my life. Knowing that I have helped to make life a little easier, a little brighter for those kids is just the most wonderful feeling. I feel useful and productive; it makes me thankful that I can help someone less fortunate than myself.”                                   – Yesi

Yesi was remarkable. She was taken away from all of us far too soon, and we will never forget her.

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