Ahoy Graduating Public Health Science Seniors Of December 2014!!.

         During the launch of our “Around the Grove” website I posted a very thoughtful blog titled “At USG it is not just about the education alone but the experience.”   I made it clear that, earning a degree from these Universities at Shady Grove is a very important thing.   It is the end to the means that counts in the end. And no matter how long the journey may be, there has got to be a destination to be reached. But, before reaching the destination, persistence has to be engraved in each and anyone who wants to succeed in life. Yes, you enjoyed the best experience, but also did not lose sight of the endgame to your educational journey here at USG.   Every step of the way, our graduating seniors of 2014 have kept that goal in mind, kept their eyes on the price, and embraced hard work and dedication to self-enrichment.

As an aspiring senior who is looking forward to graduate in the spring of 2015, I am forever proud of your unwavering dedication to succeed in the public health science program. I am deeply inspired with your achievements. Your graduation instills something very important in me and many others who look up to you for inspiration and as role models.   Class of fall 2014, you have instilled a high dose of hope in my spirit, I now see the way, you have held the torch high and lead the path of education with your heads held up higher than anyone else.   I now know that, if I follow my dreams and your footsteps, I will succeed in my educational endeavors here at USG.

I know this journey would not have been easier and possible if it were not for the unwavering support of our recruitment coordinator Mr. Sivan Pavan, an advisor and mentor who helped you and us, transition from Montgomery College to USG.   And most importantly our assistant director Mrs. Lynn Cook, an unwavering and dedicated educator, who makes USG proud.  For the rest of my life, I have constantly reminded myself of the great people that come in our life not just to be by our side, but to transform it for the better.   These two dedicated educators have answered the call to public health science education with a loud voice that says, “At USG, our doors are open to all who yearn to make the world a healthier place to live.”   They have been the vehicles to your destination. But now that you have graduated, you will now have to drive your own vehicles.  But before you go forward I have a piece of advice and a heavy dose of encouragement to you.

I want to assure you that the road ahead will be steep. You will make some false starts, stumble here and there, but class of 2014, what you have left behind and what lies ahead is smaller than what lies inside of you.   Use that all your potential, motivation, hardworking spirit, and intelligence in you and you will realize that the sky is not the limit, your imagination is. Follow your dreams and you will find yourself living them. The road ahead will also put your discipline to test. Some of you will envy the path of least resistance, but class of 2014, I encourage you to make the tough decisions even when easier ones are available. If you want to live your dreams, be willing and ready to live outside your cocoon. Do not let too many obstacles along your way distract you, instead view them as stepping stones on your way to the apex.

Greater spirits have faced constant opposition, they were willing to try to work hard, to dream, and to remain focused and in the end, they came out as champions. Class of 2014, now you are stepping up into the world. If you want to discover the unseen seas, you have to be willing to lose sight of the shore.   Be bold, believe in yourself, and celebrate your achievements.   Finally, when you begin the challenging road to reaching your dreams, do not beat yourself for the mistakes you may make; instead, learn from those mistakes and move on with a renewed mind. Go forth and show the world who you are as the best public health science students from USG.

Wish you the best of life, Le deseamos la mejor de la vida 🙂


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1 Response to Ahoy Graduating Public Health Science Seniors Of December 2014!!.

  1. Maggie says:

    Chris, your article was very inspirational to all students no what stage we are in our education. Congrats class of 2014!

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