Thankful I am a Nursing Student (and not a turkey)

Well folks, it’s that time of the year again. With Thanksgiving just a week away and artic-like weather conditions upon us, it’s time to draw upon our inner reserve to bring us some warmth. These past few weeks have been crazy busy, filled with exams, papers, and clinicals galore. My brain is mush, so in an effort to spare you from my mindless rambling, I am going to give you a quick rundown of the top 10 things nursing students are thankful for this time of year, and always:

  1. Danskos: Okay, this might be my personal bias speaking, but I just love them. Mark my word; they will be on the front cover of vogue this holiday season. Remember, you heard it here first. If your confused about what on earth I am talking about, see below.

“How do I love thee. Let me count the ways”

2. Travel Mugs: These days I crave around-the-clock orders of caffeine. Nothing says energy boosting convenience like a travel mug. Bonus points if it’s nursing themed- I don’t have one of these yet, but the holiday season is quickly approaching (hint hint- Mom and Dad)


Yes, please.

3. CAS: What is this ambiguous acronym I speak of? It’s our Center for Academic Success at USG and it has been an indispensible resource. In September I thought, “I am going to nursing school, I am never going to have to write papers!” WRONG. Writing is intertwined into everything we do and CAS has a writing center to help you find that perfect adjective, dot all those “i”s and solidify those pesky citations. On behalf of every student at USG, thank you for all you do!

4. Functioning pen lights: There is nothing more satisfying than reaching into your pocket, grabbing your pen light, and it ACTUALLY turning on. It’s more complicated than it sounds. I have been through THREE sets of batteries already; how is that possible?! I think it’s time to invest in a new one. Any nurse extraordinaires out there with some suggestions? I’m all ears!

5. SG Security guards: These are the faces that greet us every morning and they just seriously deserve a shootout. They keep our campus safe and ALWAYS with a smile. A winning combination!

6. Carpool parking spots: I am not sure if this is a nursing school thing, but I am always that girl hauling around five bags, a water bottle, and at least a snack or two. Carpool spots mean shorter walks into school and happier muscles.

7. Hand lotion: Us nurses are always washing our hands and my skin (the little I have left in-tact) has totally fought me on this one. Hand lotion is a LIFE SAVER.

8. Digital watches: Can’t count a heart rate without em! Bonus points for cool colorful ones- see below.


Even more awesome in person.

9. Clinical experiences: We had six wonderfully enriching and exciting clinical experiences this semester. We spent three works working alongside nurses in an acute rehabilitation facility and also immersed ourselves in community health settings. These experiences reaffirm my passion for nursing and reignite my commitment to my studies, which can be especially difficult in this last stretch before finals.

10. Last but certainly not least, each other: Drawing on my theme from my last post, WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! No one understands a nursing student quite like another nursing student. I am thankful to be sharing this journey with some really amazing students and faculty!

The list could go on and on……but for now, let the family, food comas, and freedom commence! Happy (almost) Thanksgiving everyone!

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1 Response to Thankful I am a Nursing Student (and not a turkey)

  1. AllieRo91 says:

    That watch is AMAZING! I’m such a fan of neon colors.

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