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If you are like me, then your knowledge of the MCAT is very scarce.Even though my dream is to become a pediatric doctor (specific field pending ;)) MCAT was always something I would do in the future, and now that … Continue reading

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A Running Diary of My Thoughts While Reading Academic Journals for Class

(Helpful advice in bold) Okay. I’m done with my internship for the day, I ate dinner, I got this. What time is it now? Wow, 7:00? Huh. Well, how many pages do I have? Okay…so there’s 25 pages, minus three … Continue reading

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Getting Close to Finals

Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving break with your family and friends! Now that the break is over, it is time to realize the semester is about to end. That’s great! It means we have … Continue reading

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