Getting Close to Finals

Good morning everyone,

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving break with your family and friends!

Now that the break is over, it is time to realize the semester is about to end. That’s great! It means we have only a few weeks left until Winter Break. It also means that finals are coming.

img (1)

This is the time where students will spend long nights preparing for final exams or presentations. Many of you will be stressed out – but there is something you can do about it!

One piece of advice I learned from the Center for Academic Success (CAS) is to start studying early. The sooner you begin studying, the less studying you need to do the night before the exam. Taking time each day to study the material will help you remember the material better. That way, you won’t stress out the night before the exam.

If you prefer study groups, then join one or create one. If you can arrange a group of you and your classmates to take time to study for an exam, you will help each other remember the material. Having more students to study with will increase the chances that the material you are studying for is correct.

Whether you prefer studying alone or with classmates, it is crucial that you get a good night’s rest before the final exam. Your mind will work better during the exam, and you won’t have that moment where you forget some of the material.

One more thing about stress – the Office of Student Services (OSS) will open the De-Stress Lounge. There will be different events going on from December 4th the 7th, where students can participate in. These events are dedicated to all the students at USG, for relaxing before finals. Make sure to check out the lounge while it’s open!

Good luck on these last few weeks of the semester!


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