A Running Diary of My Thoughts While Reading Academic Journals for Class

(Helpful advice in bold)

Okay. I’m done with my internship for the day, I ate dinner, I got this. What time is it now?

Wow, 7:00? Huh. Well, how many pages do I have?

Okay…so there’s 25 pages, minus three pages of references makes 22. Got it. If I focus, maybe I can finish this by 9:30. Let’s get started.

This sounds like a neat topic. This won’t take long!

A pink, 3-D model of a brain.
Image: a pink, 3-D brain on a gray background. The brain is probably from an anatomical model of the human body. Photo Credit: Robina Weermeijer via Unsplash

Wow, I’m exhausted. I’ve been sitting in the same spot for almost the entire day. How am I this tired? I guess if I have a more consistent sleep schedule, then that should help somewhat. I could go to bed a bit earlier, too. What time did I go to bed last night? 11:30? So, tonight, I’ll shoot for 10:00. What time is it now?

Whoa, 7:30 already? And I’m only on page three? I’d better focus.

That looks important. I’d better write that down.

And that.

And that. I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t take notes. I’d never remember all of this stuff if I didn’t have my notebook with me.

I wonder if any of my classmates take notes by recording themselves? There has to be some adaptive technology out there, right? Anyway, I wouldn’t need any adaptive technology; I could use my phone. Still, now I’m curious, and someone who does need that support might want to know. There’s a whole page about disability support resources that I could look at. Maybe I should ask Kaitlin about it, too. She would probably know, being part of Disability Support Services. She’s so great. I love having a DSS coordinator who has empathy for her students.

Actually, hey, look at that. This journal is talking about empathy now. I’d better write that down. What page am I on now?

Only five? What? Oh geez. I’d better concentrate. What time is it anyway?

8:15? What on Earth happened? Come on, brain. Think. About. The. Journal.

Didn’t the author say that on the last page? If I repeated myself this much, my English professors would have knocked off points for lack of concision.

Oh, look, evidence. The most important part of any essay: backing up the argument. Now we’re getting somewhere.

And that somewhere is the conclusion! Let me scroll down and see how much more reading I have to do.

Six pages. Welp, in the immortal words of Dory, “Just keep swimming,” right?

“Just Keep Swimming” from Finding Nemo. Credit to Disney and Pixar.

It’s 10:25? What have I been thinking about for the past 20 minutes?

Oh, yeah. Literally nothing. So tired.

Huzzah! The conclusion! Now that I think of it, I have a classmate who starts here and circles back to the beginning, so that she has the author’s main point in mind. She might be on to something.

Oh well. For now, I’m all finished. What time is it?



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