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Accounting, Robots, and Drones

“Uber Tests Self-Driving Cars” “Amazon Testing Drone Delivery System” We are constantly hearing buzz about technology and how companies like Amazon, Uber, Tesla, and many others are looking to innovate. I must say that it is even more exciting to hear when these innovations relate to my particular major…. Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Twist

Welcome back from the short break everyone! I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. As tempted as I am to talk about the delicious food I consumed during the break, I do want to rewind it back a couple weeks and talk about the “Alumnight” event that was hosted by the Undergraduate Programming Committee (UPC) on November 16th…. Continue reading

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Smith School Fam Takes On Deep Creek

It was close to 2am when a group of us were all sitting on the stairwell asking each other questions out of curiosity. Then, Zach turns to us and says… Continue reading

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Smith Terps All Around the Grove

As a Smith Terp at USG, I sometimes get asked questions about what it truly means to be a business student here. For my first blog post—whether you are a prospective student, current student, or just a curious person who … Continue reading

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Let Food Inspire You

What does hemp, raw fish, and super coffee beans have in common? Hint- They were all key ingredients in the food products being offered by our local entrepreneurs featured at the Universities of Shady Grove’s first annual Entréepreneurship food conference. In case … Continue reading

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