Smith Terps All Around the Grove

As a Smith Terp at USG, I sometimes get asked questions about what it truly means to be a business student here. For my first blog post—whether you are a prospective student, current student, or just a curious person who happened to stumble upon this blog—I want to just briefly touch on a few perks that I have explained to others.

You Are a Student at the University of Maryland, College Park

You are part of the same Robert H. Smith School of Business.
You receive the same quality of education.
You take the same classes taught by professors who teach on both campuses.

And the best part: You receive the same exact diploma and still get to enjoy all the benefits that USG offers.

Enjoy the Convenience of a Smaller Campus

-USG Buildings: 3
-College Park Buildings: 253
-USG Acreage: 52 acres
-College Park Acreage: 1,335 acres

To put some of these numbers into perspective: You can fit about 25 USG campuses on the College Park main campus!

Just imagine the walking. While a student who attends College Park may have to walk half an hour to get across campus, it will take you only 5-10 minutes at most.

2x the Resources

You have access to the clubs/organizations/resource centers here at USG AND all of the ones on main campus as well.

2x the Fun!

Attending USG allows you to be a part of the “Smith Terps at USG” community and participate in fun social events such as USG Fest while still enjoying all the excitement at College Park.

These are only SOME of the MANY great benefits of being a Smith Terp at USG.

Be sure to keep checking the blog to read about the many more advantages of choosing the Smith journey around the grove!


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