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Binge Worthy Movies and Shows! 

With the semester coming to an end you guys are probably finding yourself having some down time before all the exams, final projects, and presentations are due. Although this time should be spent studying and planning, there is always time … Continue reading

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My Favorite Musical

Three words, La La Land. My favorite musical has been released on Netflix for the past week and I’ve already seen it 3 times. Some may say I’m insane or a tad bit obsessed, and they’re not wrong! There’s an … Continue reading

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Best Tim Burton Movies That You Can Enjoy Watching During Halloween

Well, it’s that time again, where the ghosts and ghouls are coming out, dressed in their most horrific selves, and be walking through the streets trying to get themselves some candy. Since we’re too old to do that now, and … Continue reading

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What to watch over winter break?

At this point we are amidst the chaotic time in the fall semester with finals, research papers and group projects – these past couple weeks have felt nonstop just go, go, go. As we wrap up the semester, we are … Continue reading

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Elle Woods and the Art of Movie-Making

One of the great things about being a communication major at USG is having access to the digital and visual communication classes. They’re interesting classes, and more useful than ever! One of the classes I’m taking this semester is COMM … Continue reading

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Fall Harvest!

As the midterm approaches the weather starts to cool, the wind blows on our faces while walking to class, and the leaves starts to fall. I could not help but think, that this will be my last fall season at … Continue reading

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Lights, Camera, Action Under the Mistletoe…

For me, holidays always conjure up the thought of sitting around the TV watching Christmas movies. When I was growing up, there was no way to record a TV show or movie and then watch it later so you had … Continue reading

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