Summie Bio


Hey guys! My name is Shereef and I hate writing bios! Just kidding, they’re useful and fun but they’re informative nature makes writing them feel like I’m someone else explaining to myself who I am. So if I were to explain who I am I’d say….

I’m a Masters student studying Industrial/Organizational Psychology at UMBC and the classes are on the Universities at Shady Grove (USG) campus. I was admitted into this program early Spring of 2018 and decided to pursue this track because I have a long-term interest in consulting and human resources. I also thought this program would fit my current schedule since its tailored for people who work full-time.

Now I know what you’re thinking, what the heck is Industrial-Organizational Psychology and does he have to spell it out every single time? No, it can be abbreviated to I/O Psych, which doesn’t help, because most people have never heard of that either. Its basically the psychology and science of people at work. Think occupational therapy, or an advisor, on how to make your business run smoother. Except instead of focusing on the financial statements and marketing plan we focus on the people, and their productivity. We ask pressing questions like how does your job motivate you? What factors contribute to a good or bad work environment? And how do we get Netflix in the conference room?

Jokes aside, it does have a large presence on my life currently. When I’m not in school I’m working for American Airlines, trying to utilize all the perks and benefits of flying for free! But between work, school, doing comedy (the last Thursday of every month at the DC Improv), and riding my motorcycle, the only flying I’ll be doing anytime soon, is when I’m playing Starcraft.