Robert Bio


Sometimes people ask me what it’s like being a student at the University of Maryland School of Nursing at the Universities at Shady Grove (USG). You know that feeling when you lean back in a chair until you’re balanced on the back two legs, and you feel like you’re going to fall over but you just barely catch yourself before it happens? It feels like that all the time.

I was born in Massachusetts, but I grew up in Maryland. I went to Montgomery College for several years before coming to USG, trying both Business and Game Design before settling on Nursing. If that seems like a strange turn of majors, well – it is. My third semester of nursing school is off to a surprisingly mundane start but I know things will pick up soon.

Outside of school I keep busy with programming in HTML and sugarcube, gaming in Warframe and DotA 2, and writing subpar fiction that never gets past the first two chapters. I go for hikes in places like Sugarloaf and runs on trails like the Capital Crescent. I regularly watch reruns of “The Joy of Painting,” but I’ve never actually tried to paint along. Sometimes I cook, baking in the oven, but I usually eat out. I think a lot about the future, and what I want to make of it.

If you have any questions for me about nursing school, want me to blog about something in particular, or want to send me memes, feel free to email me @