Hello everyone! My name is JayLynn and I am a full time senior with UMBC’s Social Work program here at the Universities at Shady Grove (USG)!

Welcome to a little get to know me! I am 22 years old and the middle child with three brothers. I am the first one in my family to attend college. I began my college journey at Montgomery College (MC) immediately after high school in 2016. I attended MC for three years and obtained my associate’s degree. When I was in high school and at MC, I stayed away from extracurricular activities. But last year when I transferred to UMBC at USG, I finally let my extrovert side come alive. During my first week at USG, I applied to, and was selected to be a Student Ambassador (which involves a lot of public speaking)! I also became an active member of the Social Work Student Association.

Now as a senior I am the Student Engagement Chair as well as a Tour Trainer for Student Ambassadors. I am also Vice President of the Social Work Student Association! I absolutely love everything I am involved in and am so grateful I gained the confidence to break out of my shell. Becoming a Student Ambassador has allowed me to become a stronger public speaker, connect with people in new ways, and grow in more ways. Becoming Vice President of the Social Work Student Association has allowed me to bring my love for volunteering and activism more alive.

After graduating in May 2021 I plan to attend graduate school to earn my Masters in Social Work (MSW) and hope to work in community-level social work working with adolescents in schools or juvenile detention, but I am very open-minded. A fun fact is that I have known I wanted to be a social worker since I was in elementary school. I didn’t know what a social worker was exactly, but I knew I wanted to help those in poverty. My mother has a drawing I made when I was nine years old of the homeless shelters I wanted to build when I win the lottery.

Outside of USG, I work full time as a server. My little free time is spent on having a movie and game nights with my friends or volunteering. I enjoy baking it is my favorite way to clear my mind or simply express my creativity. I love baking for other people and trying new interesting recipes.

I am excited to be a student blogger this year and hopefully my posts will have a positive influence on my readers. Stay safe and remember to never stop until you’re proud 🙂