AnneI am so honored to be blogging for the Universities at Shady Grove. A bit about me: I am a non-traditional student in that I am 53 years-young. So you may ask, why is she starting a whole new career? Oh, it’s the age-old tale of wanting to do something for years and always finding an excuse not to—“I’m (too old/don’t have enough time/not smart enough/insert another excuse here) to go to nursing school.” Finally, I actually paid attention to the ‘gut tug’ and took the plunge. Being a student at the University of Maryland, Baltimore School of Nursing has been one of the best adventures ever.

I live in Silver Spring with my husband (DoD contractor), 15 year-old daughter and Chihauhau/Beagle/Corgie pup. My better half also plays in a band where everyone plays lutes. Yeah, you heard that right—think Renaissance meets kick-ass Bluegrass. My daughter aspires to create art for Japanese anime films and attends a high school with an amazing visual arts program. And our dog, Peggy Olson (yes, named after the Mad Men character), can howl on command. Pretty talented family, right?

So, with all my free time (sarcasm), why would I want to write a blog? My goal is to share my USG experience with others. We have such a gem in USG and I am grateful to be able to attend school close to home. For my future career goals, I think that I would like to work with hospice patients or veterans when I graduate. This summer, I started volunteering at the Community Living Center (the long-term care and rehab unit) at the VA in Washington, DC and it has been a life-changing experience. In addition, if you ever go to a DC Ladies Arm Wrestling event, you may see me emceeing the festivities as my alter ego, Honey Badger. And no, I don’t arm wrestle; those arm wrestlin’ gals are no joke…