Gratitude Journal

Gratitude is defined as “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness”.

This year has been very strange and unexpected The pandemic has created a lot anxiety, fear and overwhelm. Our usual routines and ways of life have been disrupted. There is a bit of relief in that we are all facing these challenges together. We are all trying to navigate this new norm the best we can. Some days are harder than others.

I lost my job when the shut down began. Like many, I wasn’t given an idea of when I would start working again or if I would even have a job. I have rent and expenses to pay and I didn’t have a means to support that. Its easy to focus on all the negatives. The challenges and uncertainties seem to cast a shadow over the highlights and positives, which we often take for granted. I am grateful to have support from my family during this time and that my family is healthy and safe. I am grateful to have the option to have remote classes that way I can still make headway on completing my degree. And I am grateful for being able to find a new job to support myself.

Recently I’ve been trying to write in a journal everyday – writing at least 3 things I am grateful for. Sometimes its smaller scale things like being grateful for a pet or a conversation I had that day or it may be bigger scale like having a home or a job. Whatever it may be… it has helped me be more optimistic and value the things I do have!

The Science of Gratitude

Main takeaways from the video:

  • Celebrate what you have – Think about what you have rather than dwelling on what you don’t.
  • Share the love – Tell friends and family in your life something you appreciate about them.
  • Be more kind and caring – volunteer, hold the door open for someone, smile more… kindness and giving are connected to gratitude

These are a few journals that provide a template or inspiration on getting started:

Or simply use a journal or notebook you already have and write things you are grateful for each day. Below is a prompt to get you started…

Top image found on Bottom image found on

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