Simple tips for a successful group project

Effective group work can be an excellent cooperative learning tool. Team members typically bring different perspectives to a subject and with that, a platform is created to understand a topic better.

In my research class, we were recently asked to analyze a compendium of evidence-based practices. The following are things we did to enable effective group collaboration:

  1. Selection of a group leader

Although it was not required, we selected a group leader who would be able to communicate on behalf of the team. The group leader ensured that set deadlines were met.

  1. Group chat

We exchanged phone numbers and created a group chat to get speedy responses to pressing inquiries from team members.

  1. Google Docs

Google docs is a free web-based application that provides group members ability to share, edit and manage projects.

Each member was able to access the same document and edit it in real time.

  1. Face to Face

We created an agenda prior to face to face meetings. Agenda’s ensured that team members were on topic, therefore, helping our time management.

I wish you success in your groups!

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