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How to create CDC approved mask at home

Hi everyone, I hope all is good, here is a quick tip to make your own bandana mask at home. Please share, like and comment if you find this video helpful. Thank you. Song link: https://youtu.be/T2_ui2_8r8k

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Simple tips for a successful group project

Effective group work can be an excellent cooperative learning tool. Team members typically bring different perspectives to a subject and with that, a platform is created to understand a topic better. In my research class, we were recently asked to … Continue reading

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Tips for using Adobe InDesign CC + Creating a resume!

Welcome back to campus and my series! I really enjoy writing pieces for this series because I enjoy design. I really hope some of my tips have been useful for others! Check here to read my first two blogs in … Continue reading

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Tips for using Adobe Illustrator CC

The second part of my series is here! Tips for using Adobe Illustrator CC. You can check out the first post I made about Tips for using Adobe Photoshop CC here. Illustrator is another component of Adobe Creative Suite. This … Continue reading

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Presentations: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Presentations are pretty nerve-wracking – if not downright terrifying – for most people, but giving a good presentation is a really important skill to have both in academics and in the work place. Continue reading

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Last week of Daylight Savings Time!

Between now and November 6th, you’ll probably be reminded a dozen times or more to set your clocks back an hour. Although, since a significant majority of us rely on internet connected clocks on our mobile phones, tablets, computers, and … Continue reading

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