Choose Discomfort

Does procrastinating cause you problems? Does leaving things for the last minute cause you stress when deadlines are approaching?  One way to deal with delaying important tasks is to choose doing the uncomfortable thing now. If you leave things for the last minute, the discomfort will only intensify later. This can cause things to get out of control.

Practicing this type of discipline is like developing a muscle. It’s the small things that count when developing a new habit. Something as small as taking cold showers on a daily basis can condition your mind to experience discomfort. This will develop your discipline muscle every day.

Make en effort to truly experience the negative feelings you go through when you are uncomfortable. The same feelings that are keeping you from experiencing the hard work and focus that it takes to complete a task are the same feelings that are keeping you from improving your life. Those feelings are your worst enemies and to overcome them you must be aware of them. Experience them, analyze them and eventually you will be able to control them.

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